Advice for Teens Recovering from a Concussion – Teenology 101

Dr. Monique Burton goes over several things your teen can do to make sure they allow enough time for healing.

CTV Concussion Special - Ted Toogood and Charles Tator

Dr. Charles Tator, expert on concussion discusses research into the complications of concussion including depression and permanent damage.

Depression Common When Concussion Recovery is Prolonged

Depression is common in athletes who do not recover quickly from their concussions.

Falling from Lossa: Tatum’s Concussion Story

Through the story of a young girl who fell from her horse, pediatric neurologist talks about why symptoms of concussion can be overlooked, why the brain needs rest to recover, and the risks of allowing a child to return to activities too soon.

Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game

A high school athlete tells her story and emphasizes that concussions are a serious injury and the importance of taking time to recover.

Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game – A Mother's Story

The mother of a high school athlete tells her story and wants all parents to know that if they think their child has a concussion, take them out of play and seek the advice of a health care professional.

Sports Concussions: Emotional Effects

A concussion results in changes in the brain that can cause a young athlete to be more irritable, emotional, sad and/or depressed.

Brain Injury Recovery and Back to School

A young boy speaks about his road to recovery and his experiences going back to school, after his brain injury.

Concussion in the Classroom

This video resource for Parents, Teachers, and Coaches provides strategies to deal with the aftermath of a child's concussion.

Concussion Management and Return to Learn

An updated version of Concussion 101 that includes returning to school and returning to physical activity.

Q&A About Return to Learn Plan After a Concussion

Experts answer common questions about returning to school after a concussion.